PT. Reja Aton Energi

PT. Reja Aton Energi

Welcome to PT. Reja Aton Energi. We are a company that established since 2016 engaged in industrial Submersible Pump, Surface Pump. We were in Juanda Regency F-9, Pabean - Sedati, Sidaorjo. Discover the variety of our best products (Submersible Pump, Pompa Air Tenaga Surya, Surface Pump, Pump Inverter) with quality and the best price you can get.


We are a company with a young soul and energy that fully supports and supports energy-saving, environmentally friendly energy at a low cost so that it can be fully utilized by the surrounding community.
PT. Reja Aton Energi was established on December 6, 2016 in Sidoarjo, why we stand in Sidoarjo or more precisely East Java Province. There are 2 things that underlie us standing in East Java

The first is that we want to be closer to Eastern Indonesia and central Indonesia because this region is a region that is developing quite rapidly and full support from the government for environmentally friendly energy.

Second, because we want to be one of the big companies in East Java, which is also the second largest city in Indonesia, or more precisely in the city of Surabaya.

Our location is in Juanda Regency, a location that is quite famous because it is close to Juanda International Airport and also not too far from the Capital of the Province, namely the City of Surabaya. The aim of our company is, as we discussed earlier, we are a company that aims to support the Energy Saving Business that is environmentally friendly and affordable for the people.

Even though we are a new company, we are supported by professional marketing, technicians who are reliable and understand the area and are quite senior in their fields. For stock, our goods are always ready and fast in every transaction and delivery of goods, because we are fully supported by distributors and dealers who already have an agreement to us both at home and abroad, in accordance with the motto of our company "Fast, Friendly and Communicative" . Reviews

We are a new solution as a distributor and supplier of solar pumps for customers, because in addition to the products sold are official products from distributors, we have a clear product warranty and also a service center for any damage to goods, as well as stock spare parts that are always available at the warehouse office we.


Juanda Regency F-9, Pabean - Sedati, Sidaorjo Sidoarjo
Jawa Timur , Indonesia



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