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Surface Pump

Selling cheap surface pumps in Indonesia

Surface pump is one type of water pump that is widely used for various needs. Surface pumps can be used for pool circulation devices and irrigation needs. Our surface pump products are designed with an efficient and energy-efficient solar panel or solar system.

Alternative solar energy was chosen because of its energy-saving characteristics and is able to charge only from solar heat. Solar surface pumps are generally installed above ground level, slightly different from submersible pumps whose installation is dipped in pumped liquid.

LORENTZ is experienced in designing and developing surface pumps whose installation is above ground level. various advanced features with the advantages it offers, Lorentz surface pumps can be selected for water pumps, irigas pumps, circulation pumps and others according to your needs.Find various models and specifications of your surface pump only to us to get quality products that can be relied upon for your needs.

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